Four Reasons to Choose Hosted VoIP


Telecom has moved to the cloud, and you should, too. If you’ve been thinking about updating your phone system, or just want to see what all the hype is about, here are four reasons why you should choose Cloud Hosted VoIP for your business:

Fully integrated, hosted PBX VoIP systems allow users to enjoy the features and benefits of Unified Communications such as auto call-logging of all call activity on any device into CRM. There are also integrated dialers in your other mission-critical applications, as well as integration with mobile applications.

Untethered Access, you are no longer tied to a desk phone or forced to give out a personal number (or carry two cell phones.) With one phone number you can be reached on any of your devices either simultaneously or in a sequential order in accordance to your preferences. You can even switch devices mid-call.

Always reliable, hosting your phone system in the cloud ensures that no matter what happens your clients and customers can still reach you. Two-thirds of the platform could be damaged or destroyed and you would maintain 99.999% uptime. Power outage? Calls are rerouted to your other devices. No dropped calls, no busy signals.

Completely scalable, pay for what you use. Whether you’re using one phone or 10,000 or any number in between, call capacity will never falter. Not only that, provisioning new numbers can be done in a day – if you’re growing, your system will seamlessly grow with you.

As a bonus reason, there is no large capital expenditure upfront – no new infrastructure is needed. Pay per user, per month. No update or maintenance costs, no surprises. Who doesn’t love that?