What’s the Difference Between VoIP and Traditional Phone Service [Part II: PBX]

After reading Part I you know the main difference between traditional phone service and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. To take it a step further, let’s look at the differences between a traditional on-premise PBX (Public Branch Exchange) and a hosted one (VoIP).

Reduced up-front investmentJust like comparing phone systems in part one, there’s a reduction in cost and necessary infrastructure when choosing a Hosted PBX over an on-premise system. There is no set-up, configuration, or wiring changes that need to be made when using a Hosted PBX, while a traditional PBX is costly, and required all of those things during the implementation process.

Scalability – Adding phone lines or expanding to new locations is simple and easy with Hosted PBX, all it takes is quick installation of a telephone or a softphone on an existing device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Traditional PBX would require additional hardware at the location of the expansion.

Redundancy – This is a big one, traditional PBX systems can fail because they lack redundancy. If there were to be an issue with the PBX hardware the system could be down for days. Hosted PBX like Monster PBX is configured so that even if 2/3 of the platform went down not a single call would be dropped.

Flexibility – Don’t want to have to shut down to deal with upgrading and maintenance, or pay additional costs to have a technician work on your PBX hardware? Then Hosted PBX is your only choice. In addition to the freedom from dealing with those costs and downtimes, Hosted PBX allows you to work from anywhere with softphones on all of your devices connected to the same system – unlike traditional PBX keeping you in one static location.

Technical Support – Traditional PBX systems require either outside technicians or training to keep the hardware running smoothly. With Hosted PBX that is all out of your hands and in the hands of your provider.

In essence, if you want a phone system that enables mobility, grows with you, won’t fail, and costs less, Hosted PBX is your only option.