The Hidden Pricing Structure within VoIP

If you’ve ever been put in charge of finding a new phone system for your business you might have seen some incredibly low prices that looked too good to be true. And guess what? They were.  

“Plans as low as $19.95 per user per month,” if you have at least X amount of users and you’d like absolutely NONE of the essential business features out there – no auto-attendant, no integrations, and if you’d like to add any of features a la carte? Let’s just say it isn’t cheap.

The truth of the matter is, is that it’s all one big joke – the price you see is (almost) never the price you pay. If you want a phone system that has every feature and can be an asset to your business, you’re looking at upwards of $60 or more per user per month, and getting to that price was not a straightforward process.

Well, Phonami thinks that isn’t fair. Why should you be jerked around? Business shouldn’t be about deception, which is why we don’t deal in it. Our pricing structure is simple: you pay one price, you get every feature. We will not nickel and dime you over features or integrations, we will simple provide you with the top of the line Hosted PBX system for $39.99 per user per month.

Don’t overpay for features, and don’t get sold a phone system that can’t do what you need it to do. We think that’s fair, don’t you?