Is There a Difference Between VoIP and Hosted PBX?

There are countless articles and blog posts circling the web that compare VoIP phone systems with PBX systems. A majority of these articles state that VoIP is the cloud alternative to an on-premise PBX or Public Branch Exchange phone system – that moving to the cloud allows you to drop the excess hardware and is therefore the better choice. Well, though that is partially true, that leaves out a very important piece of information. VoIP phone clients like Google Voice can’t compete with PBX systems when comparing business features.

…Does this mean we should stick to on-premise phone systems?

No! While VoIP provides one stand-alone number that cannot be transferred or be accessed via extension, Hosted PBX offers all of the critical business phone system features on a system that is hosted in the cloud. Using the same basic idea as VoIP telephony, Hosted PBX systems allow you to ditch the bulky, expensive hardware and upfront costs while still providing features like auto-attendant, extensions, and call recording.

Hosted PBX allows businesses to avoid outages, downtime, and maintenance costs by leaving the servicing and upgrading to the self-healing data center. It also gives businesses the freedom to grow into new locations without the hassle of having new PBX hardware delivered and programmed at new sites. With some Hosted PBX systems like Monster PBX from Phonami, you can even adjust your features from anywhere and add new devices in minutes.

If you thought VoIP was the premier business phone system choice, think again. Hosted PBX systems are making life easier for more and more businesses every day.