What Have You Been Missing? Entering the World of PBX

If you’ve been relying on cell phone service or a traditional phone company to provide your business with the ability to make and receive calls, you’ve been missing out. There is so much more to a phone system than simply making calls. It’s an extremely important business tool, though you might not have thought about it that way. In fact, sticking with traditional phone service is likely costing you both money and additional business – especially if you utilize a CRM.

First and foremost, you’re leaving your business open to the possibility of outages, and lack a way to reduce missed calls. Utilizing a Hosted PBX system like Monster PBX changes that. What happens during a power outage? Calls are routed to a different device of your choosing. Even if 2/3rds of the platform is down, not a single call will be dropped. Not in the office? Calls can ring multiple devices either simultaneously or sequentially so that you’ll never have to miss a call. And checking multiple voicemails is a thing of the past – all calls are routed to a single voicemail box which also sends transcribed messages to your inbox.

Using a CRM? How much time do you spend logging calls? With the help of gUnify date, time, and duration of all incoming and outgoing call activity on any of your devices is automatically logged. This Unified Communications solution not only improves data accuracy, but provides the opportunity to make more calls in any given time period. Hosted PBX allows you to reduce busywork and increase business opportunities.

Other features like Auto-Attendant, Call-Recording, Hot-Desking, Call-Transfers, and more make it easier to manage any and all call activity. If you haven’t taken a deeper look into what your phone system should be doing for you, it’s time to consider something new. Hosted PBX and Unified Communications make your phone system work for you.