gUnify CRM Connectors

Click to Dial, Call Log Automation, Screen Pop, and Call Reporting

Phonami provides Connectors powered by gUnify that intuitively converges with your business software, including Salesforce, Clio and Google Apps. The result is better business data, faster, mobile and at a lower cost.


A onetime setup enables a single login to connect Salesforce & Phonami seamlessly.

The gUnify Salesforce Connector resides in the cloud, and presents a distributed means of inputting data and accessing it from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Compatible phone providers: Phonami Cloud PBX, Broadsoft, Telesphere (a Vonage Co.), Simple Signal (a Vonage Co.), EvolveIP, iCore, Alteva & many more. Please contact us to see if your existing provider is compatible.

All that's needed is a Chrome Browser

An incoming screen pop is the new inbox for telephony and productivity, merged together, by a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, that connects Salesforce and Google Chrome in the cloud with Phonami.

  • Logs all calls from Desk Phones, Mobile Devices & Softphones to Salesforce.
  • Works on a PC, Mac, and Chromebook
  • 1/3 the cost of competing solutions
  • Supports Professional & Enterprise Edition

gUnify comes in at the Chrome browser level and provides more features and flexibility

Users don’t even need to have Chrome or Salesforce open for gUnify to work, as the cloud is always on any device, anytime, anywhere.