What is Hosted/Cloud PBX?

PBX Progression

PBX systems handle all the basic features like call transferring, call forwarding, extension dialling and other expected features. Companies use PBXs to manage call traffic during the day.

PBX History

Originally, a PBX was a large unit of hardware that had to be stored on site and operated by hand. These machines could be very costly for a company, as they were large, needed special storage facilities, needed regular repairs, and had to be operated manually.In more recent years, a PBX could be made to operate automatically, without an operator, but even these devices were expensive and complicated. And if a business needed to move to a new location, or add or remove a phone line, the process could be very costly and time consuming.

Hosted PBX

A Hosted PBX is basically a phone system for your business office. It’s complete with the features and call handling tools you need to manage all your business communications. The ‘Hosted’ aspect simply means that you have no equipment to maintain on-site. All the services are delivered to you over the Internet.

Cloud PBX

Now with the advent of Cloud, PBX has transformed from on-premise hardware to an easy to use cloud application. Cloud PBX provides the same great phone quality you are accustomed to plus the reliability, flexibility and freedoms of cloud based products. Cloud PBX, on an open source platform, are more flexible and enable API connectivity to Cloud applications.